Payday Cash Loans Exposed

So I looked into getting payday cash loans, just to see what they’re all about. I went to google and typed in “payday loans” and sure enough, up popped hundreds of entries. So I clicked on one, just to see what it was about. This is my account on visiting the site of one of these “miracle cash cows,” of having tiptoes into the dragon’s fiery lair and came forth with some quick payday cash loans.

What I found out about payday cash loans

Flashing neon signs, money-green backgrounds. ‘Click here’, ‘free cash’, ‘money now’ signs. Looks good, right? The more I followed up on these payday cash loans, the sketchier they got. Why was this? Were payday advance loans not as holy and righteous as we had been led to believe? Or was there something more, something sinister and demonic – despotic? – about these same day payday cash loans?

Payday cash loans and user names

The hyperlinks bring you to website where you have to create a user name. Apparently they think you’re coming back for more online payday loans. And then you fill out tons of surveys. The bottoms of the pages are covered with tiny print and at least one asterisk per sentence. “Get cash overnight*” they say. We must look deeper. The tops of the pages show pictures of families eating wedding cake and holding babies and typing on computers. That’s funny, I thought, you can get married, have a baby, and buy a computer on a $500 loan. These payday cash loans are too good to be true.

Payday cash loans – good things to come?

A lot of these websites claimed they give FREE cash loans to first time users. Again, this explanation was looted with asterisks. Looted, I say! Your cheap payday loans can be had for a song, according to these block-lettered, exclamation-marked entries. Sadly, we don’t believe everything we read, and neither should you. If you are serious about procuring one of the bad credit payday loans – do yourself a favor and research the prospective lender at the site of the Better Business Bureau and If there are no complaints registered against the payday cash loan company, consider it may – just may – be an indication of good things to come.

Basically any question I wanted answered about payday cash loans was not answered on the websites because every time I clicked somewhere I was brought somewhere else and that somewhere was covered with fine print and hyperlinks dying to keep me moving, to keep my intensity up and to force me along toward fast payday cash loans. I really still have no idea what payday cash loans are. Part of me feels as though I never will.

See for yourself about payday cash loans

You can try for yourself to get more information on payday cash loans. All you need is a little bit of grit and a lot of Google. If you have better luck then I did please write in with your info. I would say we all need to keep away from instant payday loans until we know exactly what they are. Kill them. Don’t apply for payday loans online if you think they are going to take over your life, and don’t allow your financial emergency to get the best of you and force you into instant payday cash loans you cannot afford.

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