|Equity CrowdFunding

What is equity crowdfunding?

Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) has been in US and Europe since 2010 and has changed the business landscape allowing small businesses to flourish and large companies to develop further. Crowdfunding is significant form of alternative finance for small and medium sized companies.

Alix Global’s part?

Alix Global comes in as the licensed Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) Operator qualified by the Securities Commissions (SC) Malaysia. Alix Global partnered with FundedByMe to provide an online platform for companies (Issuers) to seek alternative financing for their needs and for the ‘crowd’ (Investors) to be able to engage with these companies.
After going through strict Due Diligence process, issuers get the chance to engage investors worldwide on the FundedByMe platform where they post their ECF campaign that will last for 45 days. While for investors, it is simple; just register and start browsing potential companies.

What are the benefits?


• Pre-screening of companies by FundedByMe
• Regulated by Securities Commissions Malaysia and is compliant under the Malaysian Capital Market Securities Act
• Diversify your investment portfolio through equity crowdfunding
• Become a shareholder of a company
• High growth companies brings high returns


• Ability to raise up to 3 million in funds for a year
• Great for SME’s & startups to access alternative finance options to develop the business
• Develop contacts through your investors and gain more insights to develop further
• Worldwide brand exposure through FundedByMe Equity Crowdfunding platform