Hello and welcome to our all new blog! Here at Alix Global, we’ve been thinking about how to connect with our amazing customers even more than we do already. We want to give our customers the most up to date, interesting and groundbreak-ing information from the world of Neo-Marketing, so we’ve decided to create our very own Alix Global Neo-Marketing Community.

Neo-Marketing helps you connect with your customers in the most modern ways possible and here at Alix Global we lead the way. As Malaysia’s top Neo-Marketing firm we can help your business, whatever the size, to engage your audience in a way that the consumers of the 21st century will love.

Our brand new Alix Global Neo-Marketing Community will provide your business with exclusive marketing tips every week. Become part of our BRAND NEW online community by joining our Facebook and Twitter accounts and never miss a piece of Marketing advice from our industry leading consultants.

Make sure that your business stays ahead with Alix Global!