Finding Marketing Opportunities In 2016’s Summer of Sport

Finding Marketing Opportunities In 2016’s Summer of Sport

The next few months will have many of us Malaysians fixed on the television. Euro 2016 started early on Saturday morning and the Olympic games will start just a few months later in Brazil. With two massive sporting events fast approaching, businesses in Malaysia and worldwide can use the games to inspire their marketing.


Sports Promotions

This is a really simple way for your business to connect with customers who are excited for the upcoming sporting events. A popular marketing idea during big sports events is to offer a special deal if your country has success. For example; offer customers 20% off if Malaysia win a medal at the Olympics. This idea is simple, businesses of all sizes can do this and it will definitely engage a loyal customer base. If your customers are interested in the summer’s sporting events, show them that you are too.


Make Social Media Even More Social

We all know that social media accounts are an amazing way to communicate with your customers. Sporting events like Euro 2016 or The Olympics provide the opportunity to get even closer to your customers through social media, it gives you a common interest. On social media you can run simple competitions just for fun or to allow customers to win prizes. Simple competitions like a ‘Euro 2016 Spot The Ball’ game or a daily match predictor prize will give you a big chance to communicate with you customers more directly than ever before.


React To Major Events LIVE

Has Ronaldo just scored the best free kick ever or have Malaysia just won our first ever gold medal? Let your customers know that your excited too. Big moments happen at every championships and Olympics, you can plan for these so your marketing material is ready the second they happen. It can be anything from a celebratory tweet, a funny post on your Facebook page or a WeChat message letting your customers know just how happy your business is. This will show the human side of your business, allowing you to share the moment with your customers. Take a look at how Snickers reacted to Luis Suarez’s bite on an Italian defender at the 2014 World Cup.

React To Major Events LIVE

Marketing opportunities are everywhere when major sporting events are being played. However, be careful to consider any copyright that may be protected. Both Euro 2016 and The Olympics are heavily protected sporting events so you will definitely need to use your marketing imagination to engage your customers. This summer is a fantastic opportunity to communicate and strengthen relations with your loyal customers, good luck!

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